Bishop Arthur Gitonga, center, of the Redeemed Church in Kenya. The powerful East African Pentecostal church leader led the group in launching “Zuia Sodom Kabisa” (Kiswahili for “Stop Sodom Completely”), a 1 million-signature campaign against homosexuality. RNS photo by Fredrick Nzwili  A call for greater acceptance of gays and lesbians has put African and Western churches on a collision course, as some African clerics liken mounting criticism from the U.S. and Europe to a new wave of colonization by the West.  Consider some of the statements at a news conference last week led by Bishop Arthur Gitonga of the Redeemed Church in Kenya:   Click here to read more.     African and Western Churches on a Collision Course as Some African Clerics Call Push for Homosexual Rights a ‘Colonial Import’